Lace Christmas Tree

Stampin' Up! Stamping T! - Lace Folded Christmas Card 1

This card is for my lovely friend Nancy Dawson and thanks to her email this morning I went and dragged out a template that I had forgotten I had.  This is what I call my ‘Lace Xmas Tree’ template and really it is because it is based on the ‘lace paper folding’ techniques that you use to ‘braid’ card stock.  You may remember and earlier ‘Circle Braid Template’ I shared here or the spine braided card here.  Basically, this Christmas Tree uses the same technique of cutting along a few lines and then folding to create a pattern.

Stampin' Up! Stamping T! - Lace Folded Christmas Card

It is a really simple look but getting those cut and score lines to match up ‘just right’ can be a little tricky.  So I have created a template for you in my ‘Tutorial Store’.  Just click on the tab on the top bar and scroll down until you see it under ‘Lace Xmas Card’ (my tutorials/templates) are alphabetically listed).  The final look of your Christmas Tree can be as simple as you like or you can really ‘step it up’ to get something really special like this version.

Stampin' Up! Stamping T! - Embossed Lace Folded Christmas Card

I have a video to show you how to score and fold the tree just in case you need a little hint or two on how this one comes together.  

Thanks to Nancy for the prompt and hope you enjoy making this one!

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  1. Lynda S says:

    Oooooo Tanya…I really like this one too….may have to put it away until next year tho……still working thru all the circles!!!!

  2. Carol Hodson says:

    Gorgeous 🙂

  3. Tanya, I have just started following your blog and I love your work. I am crazy about your Circle Lace and Xmas Lace. I live in San Diego, California (USA) and would like to order your templates but I’m not sure how. I’m afraid I’m not very tech saavy so is there an EASY way to do it?

    • Stamping T! says:

      Hi Donna

      If you just click on the ‘Tutorial Store’ (tab on the top of my blog) you will see all the tutorials and templates I have. Just hit the ‘add to cart’ button for each tutorial you would like, when you are done click on ‘check out’ and you can pay via Paypal with credit/debit card or with your Paypal account if you have one.

      Hope that helps,

  4. Juanita says:

    Is it possible to get the template for the lace christmas tree. Thanks.

    • Stamping T! says:

      Hi Juanita,

      You will find the template in my ‘Tutorial Store’, just click on the link at the top of my blog page and it will take you to all the templates and tutorials I have.


  5. Julie Flinn says:

    Love it!

  6. Sandra kennedy says:

    How do I purchase the lace folded xmas card for shilouette

    • Stamping T! says:

      Hi Sandra

      You just need to click on the Tutorial Store above and purchase the template then send me an email to say you would also like the Silhouette cut file and I send it straight to you.


  7. Brenda Woods says:

    Hi, I just saw your video on the Lace Christmas Tree fold card. After viewing items in your store, I found a couple of others I’d like to have. My problem is PayPal. I’ve had a very bad experience with them and was wondering if there was another option. Hope you had a beautiful and blessed Christmas. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. Fantastic card. I will make it now for 2018I can’t work out how to get a template what do. I do. lelia. leliagoddard&

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