Easter Basket Surprise Box

With Valentines Day done this now means we are heading for Easter so thought I would share my latest creation with you.  After many many many prototypes I have finally finished my Easter Basket Surprise Box and I am just so happy with the end result.  So what makes this a surprise box?

This cute little Easter garden that springs open when you lift the lid does!  As you can tell it is based on the same principle as an explosion box but I have modified the design to look like a basket and still spring open when you lift off the lid.

There are springy butterflies as well as springy flower and of course a chocolate bunny!  I do have a tutorial available on my ‘Tutorials‘ page which not only has step by step photo instructions but also a link to a private YouTube video covering the finer details of creating the box.

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  1. Tanya this is so cute. I love the addition of the chocolate bunny. Congratulations on another gorgeous project.

  2. Stamping T! says:

    Thank you Kris!

  3. Arleen says:

    Where can I get the tutorial for the adorable Easter box surprise basket? I checked in your tut page but don’t see it. Also checked videos. I’d like to start early on this project. Love your site

  4. Arleen says:

    Hi T,
    I’m still not getting it. The first tutorial is the Chocolate Holder not the Basket. help me, puhleeeezzz!

    • Stamping T! says:

      Hi Arleen, I am not sure what is happening there. The chocolate holder was my first ever tutorial, there at at least 16 that should be there. So glad you let me know there is a problem, I need to investigate this some more to try and work out what is happening. In the meantime I am happy to send you a paypal invoice for the basket.

  5. Leonie says:

    Oh T! this is just divine … you made it for me right?? I bought a bunny to use in it but i think its too big now so i might just have to eat it – now you know this is all your fault dont you??

  6. Rosie Mini says:


  7. Janine jess says:

    Tanya, this is just gorgeous and I soo want to make it! TFS!! xx


    Hi Tanya,
    Would be interested in the tutorial for the Christmas Wreath on foam or wire

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